We are constantly exposed to dangerous toxins through our daily diet and lifestyle choices. A poor diet can result in weight gain and low energy. More importantly, toxins can cause inflammation inside the body, which is linked to many chronic diseases.
Toxins present themselves in pollutants, pesticides, preservatives, taste enhancers, “wannabe foods” and chemicals found in most foods.
In order to catch up and eliminate all the damage caused by today’s external factors, we need two things:
about-us-why-detox-bullet-1 A strong elimination system.

about-us-why-detox-bullet-2 High-energy food that digest fast, giving your body the energy it needs to heal and giving you the energy you need to thrive.


By completing a DL revAMP™ pure food organic detox, you can experience an energy boost that will help reset your body to its natural balance and help you stay healthy.

Our food takes less energy to digest and helps your body use its own ability to heal from within.

Energy is the core of healing and by integrating a regular detox, you will also learn the best practices for eating healthy, creating a life-long habit.

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