• quotation-startThe detox was awesome! Having done tons of cleanses both personally and professionally, this has got to be the easiest one to follow while continuing my regular life. Normally cleansing and living can conflict with each other. Planning a cleanse can be more laborious than planning a house renovation because you have to prepare, shop, cook, plan time off of work potentially, and even prepare to deal with for uncomfortable symptoms. Though because the revamp system was so well planned out, packaged, delivered, & labeled down to including a carrying case for on-the-go meals, I was able to keep up all of my work demands and still adhere to the program.

    Besides losing about 3-4 pounds during the 5 days, revamp left me feeling energetically pure and balanced…it was truly a renewal. I broke the pattern of daily coffee and other unhealthy eating patterns, which I hadn’t been able to do in years.

    I also love that it is safe for practically anyone, unlike so many fad cleanses or modified fasts. I would highly recommend revamp to anyone who wants to clean out their system but can’t afford to take a take break from life! I would personally include this cleanse on a quarterly basis into my life. Thank you DL revAMP!
    Rachael Richardson, Registered Dietitian

  • quotation-startI am living it and loving it! Even though I am a little hungry, it’s a pleasant hunger, because I am looking forward to my next gorgeous meal.

    I loved the menu and schedule, because it tells you exactly what you are eating and when to eat it. The flavors are amazing. But the rest is the best part….my mind is sharp, I have a lot of energy, I am more flexible, I feel lighter, I am HAPPY! Less bloated and I have lost 4 pounds. Thank you DL revAMP!
    Catalina Rojas – Designer

  • quotation-startDL revAMP is an awesome cleanse! The food is delicious, super satisfying and filling! I was constantly full for the past 5 days. I didn’t even feel like I was on a cleansing program because everything tasted so good. The food was delivered, it was still cold, easy to navigate and organize. Since the DL revAMP program was so easy, I saved so much time with food shopping & prep and I was able to get more things done through the day and night!! Every day was a completely different menu and I found myself looking forward to the next meal/snack! Doing all different types of detox/cleansing programs the past 7 years, I found this one to be the easiest. It was super pure, free of most allergens, organic, low in calories, and densely packed with nutritious bites! Great job DL revAMP – you guys nailed it!!

    Being a Holistic Health Practitioner, I have my clients integrate juicing, smoothies, superfoods, and nourishing whole foods. That’s exactly what this cleanse was.

    Many people I work with want to jump into a juice cleanse when last week they were eating a Standard Food Diet & processed foods. That’s not the best route to go. You need to prep your bod for what’s coming up. DL has a pre-cleanse prep before the detox begins. I would recommend this program to anyone that wants to revAMP, re-energize & have healthy, tasty whole foods at their fingertips.

    Thank You so much DL for developing this on point, next level cleanse.
    I will be telling everyone I work with about this; now, there are NO EXCUSES.
    Marisa Silverman – Raw Fit Girl / Holistic Health Practitioner

  • quotation-startGorgeous packaging. Well thought out plan. Proper food choices for times of the day when blood levels felt low or energy booster was needed. AKA OMG chocolate truffles!?! My inside and outside felt CLEAN. I like animal protein and I hardly ever eat like a vegan – but I absolutely loved this plant based plan. My deliveries were on time and well informed! On a scale of 1-10 it is a 9 3/4, nothing is perfect in the world but this plan comes close! 10 if they add more truffles?! ha.
    Thank you DL revAMP! I made it through my 5 days, I felt great during the detox and I feel re-set and accomplished now. Gorgeous complete detox and cleansing plan.
    Suzanne Witrock, Elite Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Professional
  • quotation-startWith all of the confusing and overwhelming amount of information available out there on DIY detoxing with food, DL revAMP makes it EASY with a proven scientific approach and an on-call nutritionist. This works great for people like me that do not have time to schedule meals, much less shop and prepare for a plan with specific ingredients. I am someone that works “creative agency hours,” where we eat when and if it becomes convenient. This usually results in unhealthy choices. DL revAMP not only makes it really easy to eat well by having something prepared, but it also helps kickstart healthy eating habits. All of the meals are delicious. I especially liked the salad dressings. I would purchase those in large bottles for everyday use!
    Sean Drake – Supermarket Creative
  • quotation-startI absolutely loved this detox. The food and the juices were delicious. The fresh food being delivered almost daily was not only efficient but I looked forward to receiving it!
    It was simpler than I expected. I would do this once a month!
    Michelle Leshem – Brand Director, Supermarket Creative
  • quotation-startWe have stopped our search for the best cleanses. DL revamp will have our business for life.”
    The food is great AND….The packaging and labels and focus, etc… really sends it over the edge into impressive!!
    Courtney McGrath
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