Skip the Juice Cleanse (and Consider One of These 3 Programs Instead)

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 By Grace Gold DL revAMP (Photo courtesy of DL revAMP) This do-it-all-for-you, USDA-certified-organic company provides everything you need for a plant-based diet revamp. It’s free of the most amount of potential allergens of any cleanse we encountered, and the menu is vegan and contains no nuts, gluten, dairy, wheat, grains, onion, garlic or nightshade plants. With tasty salads, energizing snacks (the …

Get Back On Track with DLrevAMP

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Although I am not a fan of “detoxes” or “cleanses”, I have found something that I would truly recommend to people who are looking to get back-on-track. DL revAMP is a program that you can do for 3, 7 or 10 days. It is completely plant-based and organic. It comes with all the food that you need for those days. …

I Survived a Food Detox

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I Survived a Food Detox: Here’s Why You Should Try One One editor on losing five pounds in five days and learning game-changing lessons about healthy eating. “So, how did you feel?” my coworkers asked on a Monday, after I had just completed a five-day organic, plant-based food detox. “I’ve never felt so many emotions in one week,” I replied. …

Chef Marina’s DLrevAMP review

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I’ve recently had the pleasure of meeting Alina Z, an award-winning, board certified raw vegan chef, detox specialist, author and health coach. Alina’s radiant smile and exuberant energy is so infectious that you feel delightfully uplifted in her presence. In addition to her many achievement’s, including being an AADP certified Holistic Health Coach and the author of Traveler’s Guide to …


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If you are looking for an easy and delicious way to continue 2015 on a good path, check out DL RevAMP – an all organic, vegan, non-gmo food detox line. It’s a convenient way to try healthy vegan food and experience how awesome it can be. It is also free of common allergens – no wheat, gluten, grains, nuts, onions, …

Hottest Healthy Meal Delivery Programs Across the Country

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About a decade has passed since meal delivery programs, mostly catered to weight loss, started popping up in Los Angeles and New York. Since then, the culinary landscape has been evolving and expanding across the country ever since. Whether you are looking for a Paleo, plant-based, gluten-free or just locally sourced organic fuel, LivingHealthy has searched out the most enticing …


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With 80 degree weather in Phoenix, it’s time to step up my game for pool season. That being said, I exercise regularly but will my diet coke habit and eating more low-cal processed foods than I would like to admit, I needed a kick start. Most detoxes I’ve seen basically have you laid up in bed drinking weird juices for …

A Detox Challenge

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Managing Editor Heather Carney embarks on a five-day organic, plant-based detox to reset after the indulgent holidays. What it is: The Oakland Park-based company, DL Revamp, offered me its five-day “reset” cleanse. It comes with juices, salads, snacks and more, plus an Amp It Up Kit to prep for the cleanse. The company offers three- to 10-day plans meant for …

Get a Fresh Start with the 3-Day DL revAMP Food Detox

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I am no stranger to doing cleanses. I usually do a couple different cleanses each year. I have done everything from hardcore juice cleanses to more simple raw food cleanses. I love how they can give you a fresh start if you’re trying to change up your diet. Read the full review here:

15 Diet Trends To Try This 2015

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Emphasis on organic, plant-based foods continue its popularity in 2015. With plans like the DL revamp, you can get your body back in balance with easy pre-made meals. Click here to read more: