DL revAMP is an organic, plant-based food detox. Hand-crafted by passionate health experts, a clean cuisine chef and a raw food detox specialist, DL revAMP provides you with a menu of high energy, raw and lightly cooked whole foods, designed to nourish the body, allowing it to expel impurities and toxins that can slow the body down and cause weight gain.
DL revAMP ships nationwide.
Detox plans start at $125/day, including shipping. Click here to see our Plans page for exact pricing information or call a Detox Specialist at 1-800-44-DETOX.
All DL revAMP programs start on a Tuesday. Deliveries are made via Fedex Priority Overnight with guaranteed delivery by 10:30am on Tuesdays and Thursdays on the week of the detox.
Deliveries are made via Fedex Priority Overnight with guaranteed delivery by 10:30am on Tuesdays and Thursdays on the week of the detox. Make sure to provide a delivery address (home or business) where you will be available to receive your detox at our specified delivery times. Your meals will arrive in insulated packaging with ice packs and should stay cold for several hours. However, we recommend refrigerating upon delivery.
DL revAMP offers four plans, including plans with food only, along with plans that include food and juice. For specific information on our reSET, reBOOT, reSTART and rePROGRAM plans, click here.
You will receive your Pre-Detox Prep guide via email prior to your start date.
We suggest avoiding animal protein, alcohol, caffeine, gluten and dairy for 2-3 days leading up to your detox. It is also beneficial to begin taking a daily probiotic.
Monday will be your pre-detox prep day and it is important that you prepare your body properly in order to make this process as pleasant as possible.
On Tuesday morning, you should drink 16-24 oz of warm water upon waking. Throughout the rest of the morning, we suggest drinking warm water with lemon until you receive your delivery. When your package arrives, drink your Cran-Lemon Chia Water followed by your Satisfying Breakfast, then consume the rest of your meals at the times specified on your menu.
For best results, eat and drink according to days and times noted on our menu.
The detox contains about 1200 of the most nutritious calories per day.
A link to our nutritionals will be provided in one of your welcome emails. You can also log onto the Members Area of our website to view our nutritionals along with other helpful resources and tips for pre, post and during your detox.
Depending on your eating habits prior to beginning the detox, you may experience a wide range of symptoms. However, this detox intends to provide a sense of renewal for mind, body and spirit. This is often due to better sleep, balanced hormones, increased energy, reducing bloating, mental clarity, and a number of other benefits. Though not the focus of the program, many will also experience weight loss. It is possible to feel some unpleasant symptoms during the detox because of stored toxins being released. Please remember to stay hydrated and avoid excess stress during your detox. Some normal side effects include headaches, GI upset, lack of energy and trouble sleeping. These temporary symptoms should subside towards the end of your detox. If prolonged side effects persist, please consult your doctor.
If you have any of these symptoms, you may be experiencing a “healing crisis.” Because your body is ridding itself of toxic waste, unpleasant symptoms can arise and disappear only when the detox is stopped with other foods. However, if you are extremely uncomfortable, pause the detox and have a cup of cooked brown rice, cooked lentils or a combination of the two. If you feel relief, then you have most likely experienced detox symptoms of a “healing crisis.” However, if symptoms persist, we suggest stopping the detox and seeing a doctor.
It is completely normal to feel constipated, or the opposite, during your detox! At this time, your body needs extra hydration to flush out toxins and keep your bowels moving efficiently. Be sure to stay hydrated with water throughout the day and to drink your detox tea at night. Remember, your system is so used to the way you’ve been eating for years. It may be a little confused during the first few days of a detox.
During the first week of any detox, it is completely normal to feel anxious, moody or foggy. If symptoms persist for longer than a week, please consult your doctor.
Strenuous exercise is not recommended during your detox. Light workouts are best, such as a gentle yoga class or a simple walk. This is the time for your body to relax, recover and release any stored toxins.
While we recommend avoiding all forms of caffeine during the detox, we do suggest alternatives to coffee if absolutely necessary. First, try to calm your cravings with Organic Green Tea. If you still aren’t satisfied, we suggest mixing ½ cup of caffeinated coffee with ½ cup decaffeinated coffee. Please be sure any coffee consumed is organic.
DL revAMP incorporates a set menu and substitutions cannot be honored at this time.
Though we recommend following our set menu, we do understand that certain people require more calories depending on gender, activity level, etc. If absolutely necessary, add a green salad with lemon, steamed vegetables, and limited fruit. Make sure ALL additions are organic in order to continue reaping the benefits of the detox! Hemp and Chia Seeds are a great addition to any meal, and add extra healthy calories and some protein as well.
Always consult your medical professional with concerns about detoxing while breastfeeding. If cleared by your doctor, we suggest supplementing our detox with a variety of organic juices (preferably fresh-pressed or cold-pressed) to increase caloric intake in order to reach the 2000 daily recommended calories for breastfeeding mothers. As always, listen to your body and try to add only simple organic foods. Hemp and Chia Seeds are a great addition to any meal, and add extra healthy calories and protein.
Absolutely! Green vegetables, seeds and sprouts are rich in protein and are incorporated throughout the detox. Because there isn’t as much protein as in meat, your kidneys won’t have to work as hard, therefore giving them an opportunity to assist in detoxification.
Yes, DL revAMP is 100% vegan.
Yes, DL revAMP is 100% gluten-free.
Yes, it is USDA certified organic.
DL revAMP is nut-free, gluten-gree, grain-free, dairy-free, wheat-free, & nightshade-free. DL revAMP does include seeds.
A detox, while extremely beneficial, can be tough on your digestive system. Probiotics, like the one listed on our website store, can help soothe your belly. It’s not used to this!
The DL revAMP team’s Detox Specialist is available to answer any questions you may have while on your detox. Please don’t hesitate to email us at Support@DLrevAMP.com
Raw Food Chefs and Detox Specialists Alina Z and Mary Alice Graham developed the recipes and menus behind the DL revAMP food detox plan. DL revAMP is part of the DeliverLean and OnJuice family of healthy brands that are the products of foodies & entrepreneurs Scott Harris and Olga Kuzenkov.
Once the program is over, you can easily continue on the DL revAMP food detox program for an additional 5 days for a more advanced experience and benefits, or you can start an organic OnJuice juice cleanse for a more complete detox. If you are located in South Florida you can transition to DeliverLean, a healthy meal delivery service. If not based in South Florida, DL revAMP will provide recipes, meal plans and advice in our Post-Detox Guide for those wishing to continue on this path.
If desired, you can introduce cooked animal proteins starting with day 2 or 3 after your cleanse in the following order – eggs, fish, seafood, poultry and lastly red meat. We suggest selecting the best quality organic, wild or sustainably farmed animal products for the benefit of your health and the environment.
We recommend doing DL revAMP 4 times per year at the beginning of each season. You will receive a volume discount when purchasing a four-pack. Click here for more information.
Due to the fresh nature of our food and that everything is custom made to order, we require 5 days advance notice for orders. Orders placed by Wednesday can start on the following Tuesday.
This detox is NOT recommended for anyone with Diabetes.
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