Detox Support

Depending on your eating habits prior to beginning the detox, you may experience a range of symptoms. However, this detox intends to provide a sense of renewal for mind, body and spirit. This is often due to better sleep, balanced hormones, increased energy, reducing bloating, mental clarity and a number of other benefits. Though not the focus of the program, many will also experience weight loss. It is possible to feel bloated, nauseous and achy throughout the detox, which is likely normal and your body’s way of detoxifying. Click here to learn more about a potential healing crisis.


Because your body is working hard to get rid of toxic waste, it is possible to experience some unpleasant symptoms such as stomach cramps, nausea, headaches, or body aches. This is typically known as a “healing crisis.”

If uncomfortable, pause the detox and have a cup of cooked rice, cooked lentils or a combination of the two. If you feel relief, then you have most likely experienced detox symptoms of a “healing crisis.”

Because your body is getting rid of toxic waste, unpleasant symptoms can arise and disappear only when the detox is stopped with other foods. However, if symptoms persist, we suggest stopping the detox and seeing a doctor.


  1. Make a list of the reasons why you are doing the cleanse.
    When times get rough and you feel like throwing in the towel and having a snack, you need to remind yourself why you embarked on the detox path to begin with. Write down all the reasons you are doing this detox. Post this list in your home in a visible location.
  2. Get a Massage
    During your cleanse we recommend getting a regular therapeutic or a lymphatic drainage massage. A good massage will help your lymphatic system move more efficiently, carrying cellular waste and toxins towards your detox organs and out of the body. Because your lymphatic system is basically your body’s septic system, this will enhance your detox results.
  3. Gratitude Journal
    It is becoming a well-known fact that the attitude of gratitude can help you relax, put you in a better mood and increase serotonin – the hormone that helps us feel happy. Make it a ritual every evening to write down 2-3 events from the day that you can be thankful for. When forcing ourselves to see more of the good in life, we realize how much we may take things for granted.
  4. Dry Skin Brushing 
    Your body is going through deep detoxification, you can help your lymphatic system move the waste out with dry skin brushing – a process that will help stimulate your main lymph nodes and unclog pores in order to excrete toxins that become trapped in the skin. Dry brushing should be done in the morning on each day of your detox. Begin brushing from your feet and hands and move in the direction of your heart in long, sweeping motions. Brush stomach in a clockwise direction.
  5. Shut off the TV
    Turn off the TV and go outside! Look up at the sky, listen to nature’s sounds and envision yourself as part of the bigger picture. If you’re unable to go outside, place several green plants in your home or office for increased oxygen. Don’t want to miss your favorite TV shows? Set them to record and skip the food commercials when watching them later.
  6. Create your own spa ambiance
    To set your mood for rejuvenation and relaxation, we suggest creating a spa ambiance in your home. Play soothing music and light a few candles. (Our favorite scents are lavender and eucalyptus.) We also love warming neck and feet wraps. So soothing!
  7. Morning Hot Water
    One of the best ways to help your lymphatic system is to drink hot or warm water first thing in the morning. Heat 16-24 ounces of plain water, pour water into a cup and drink as you would drink coffee or tea. By drinking plain water, you stimulate your lymphatic system without waking up your digestion. This way you help your body “clean house” before it spends energy on anything else. This simple technique can also help you go to the bathroom first thing in the morning. You can start drinking your Cranberry Lemon Chia Water 45 minutes after you finish your water. BONUS TIP: Sip on warm or hot water during the day to help keep your lymphatic system moving.
  8. Increase friendly gut bacteria
    Did you know that excess sugars and incorrect food combining can cause digestive issues, bloating, gas and even weaken your immune system? To help you bring your body back to balance, we recommend increasing your intake of friendly gut bacteria. Adding a probiotic supplement, such as the one on our website, to your evening regimen will help strengthen your immune system and reduce digestive discomfort.
  9. Get to bed by 10pm
    Studies have shown that the benefits of 1 hour of sleep before midnight are equal to the benefits of 3 hours of sleep after midnight. To wake up feeling more refreshed and rested in the AM, get to bed early! You may find that you will naturally wake up earlier than expected, so you can use the morning hours to get those pesky errands crossed off instead of cluttering up your schedule later.
  10. Exercise
    When it comes to exercise and detox, there is a fine balance of too little and too much exercise. We suggest light exercise, such as walking, stretching, yoga or even dance, as it is a great idea to move your body in order to stimulate your lymphatic system. Unlike blood that has our heart to move it, the lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump, so food, water, massages, dry skin brushing and exercise are super helpful! However, too much exercise can take your body’s energy away from detoxing in order to repair tissue and sustain activity. For best results, spend 20-40 minutes a day taking a walk outside, breathing in the fresh air that nature has to offer.
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